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Teeth Whitening

Alliston, ON practice offers teeth whitening choices

Teeth whitening has become quite popular as an easy, effective, and affordable way to improve the appearance of the smile. Dr. Oksana Vozna understands that, while most people want dazzling smiles, her patients in the Alliston, ON area have varied lifestyles. That’s why she offers a variety of whitening techniques, to brighten safely and effectively, on your own schedule.

Teeth whitening in Alliston, ON office

Perhaps you have landed the job interview, received an enthusiastic “yes” to your dinner date offer, or just found out about a family get-together. Naturally, you want to look your best. With in-office whitening, your teeth can be shades lighter in less than an hour.

Dr. Vozna recommends this convenient method for patients with good oral health. Ideally, it is performed in conjunction with a professional cleaning. Simply relax in the chair while we take precautions to protect your eyes and gums, and apply the bleaching agent. In just 20 minutes, the light-activated technique lifts stains and brightens enamel, while rejuvenating soft tissues. The hybrid formulation contains buffering ingredients to avoid sensitivity.

Patients also receive a home touch-up kit to maintain smile brilliance.

At-home whitening

Maybe you prefer to remove years of coffee, tea, or tobacco stains gradually, from the privacy of home. Dr. Vozna has a solution for that, too. She creates custom-fit application trays from impressions of your teeth. They hold the bleaching gel comfortably in place. The doctor recommends a compound, from 8 percent hydrogen peroxide strength up to 35 percent carbamide peroxide, depending on the severity of your discoloration and your whitening goals. Regardless, treatment is virtually sensitivity-free.

Just wear the trays for a prescribed period of time each day until you are satisfied with the shade of your teeth. Then, periodic re-treatment keeps your smile bright. Be sure to ask about a whitening pen for quick touch-ups, and the faster light-activated home bleaching system.

Brighter smiles for everyone

New patients are welcome at Dominion Street Dental in Alliston, ON. Their commitment to good dental health, just like that of loyal patients of record, is rewarded with a variety of specials and deals. Call (705) 435-4124 to become Dr. Vozna’s newest patient.