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Preventive family dentistry

Healthier smiles in Alliston, ON start with preventative family dentistry

While Dr. Oksana Vozna and her team at Dominion Street Dental in Alliston, ON offer many restorative services, their goal is for patients to avoid the need for such procedures. Through preventative family dentistry, they help patients of all ages enjoy the comfort of healthy mouths, with a positive influence on overall wellness and quality of life.

Hygiene, exams, and extra help

Dental checkups are recommended every six months; possibly more often if you have certain health issues such as diabetes or are managing gum disease.

At these appointments the doctor can intercept potential problems early, when they can be treated with the least impact to your teeth, schedule, and bank account. Examination appointments are also your opportunity to get Dr. Vozna’s guidance on anything dental-related, from pacifiers and baby bottle tooth decay to chronic dry mouth, smoking cessation, and more.

How preventative family dentistry helps Alliston, ON patients avoid procedures

  • Teeth scaling – Removal of bacterial plaque, surface stains, and hardened tartar reduces risk of cavities and gum disease.
  • Digital x-rays – Technology makes taking images quick and comfortable, with minimal exposure to radiation. These pictures give the doctor a look at what is going on inside teeth, bone, and soft tissues.
  • Fluoride treatment – A pleasant tasting “varnish” is applied to seal pores and strengthen enamel. Treatment is painless and takes just a few minutes. With regular fluoride application, your child may never experience a filling. Fluoride is also a good choice for adults prone to tooth decay (including smokers), and it reduces sensitivity.
  • Sealants – This cost-effective treatment prevents 80 percent of cavities in the first two years and continues to provide about 50 percent protection for several more years. That means fewer (or no) cavities in the chewing surfaces of molars. Kids should have treatment as soon as secondary teeth come in. Adults, especially those who enjoy sweets, drink soda, or have hereditarily soft enamel, also benefit from sealants.
  • Nutritional analysis – Dr. Vozna consults with you on eating habits that contribute to strong, healthy teeth, vital soft tissues, and overall wellness.

The team at Dominion Street Dental is eager to meet you and your family. Call (705) 435-4124 to schedule preventative care.