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Bone regeneration

Bone regeneration – another option for implant patients in Alliston, ON

Once, dental implants were only an option for individuals with sufficient bone in the jaw area. Those who had teeth missing for some time, a genetic predisposition to less bone, or certain sinus and nerve configurations could not benefit from this long-term tooth replacement option. Today, with modern grafting and augmentation techniques, most people can be good candidates for implants. Bone regeneration is one of the services offered by Dr. Oksana Vozna at Dominion Street Dental in Alliston, ON.

Alliston, ON dentist explains bone regeneration

Gum disease first inflames soft tissues, then deteriorates connective structures and bone that support teeth. Once a tooth is lost, there are no roots to send vital stimulation to the bone, so it diminished further. A regenerative procedure reverses some of that damage. It may be performed prior to or at the same time an implant is placed.

While Dr. Vozna tailors regeneration treatment to the patient’s need, it generally involves one or more of the following steps:

  • Flap surgery – With your mouth comfortably numbed, gum tissue is folded back so that disease-causing bacteria may be thoroughly removed.
  • Bone grafting – Your own tissue from a donor site is used, or another natural or synthetic grafting compound. The grafting material acts as a scaffold for new tissue cells created by your body.
  • Guided bone regeneration – Membranes (sometimes called filters) cover the grafted area to speed healing.
  • Tissue stimulation – Biologically active proteins are applied to the graft site to enhance regeneration of bone tissue.

Not for implants only

Dr. Vozna may recommend bone regeneration if a tooth must be extracted. This is especially helpful in healing the sizeable hole left by extraction of a large molar.

With no natural teeth, the bony ridge gradually shrinks. That can leave dentures loose and rubbing sore spots. Bone regeneration may be an option to reshape the ridge, improving denture fit and facial esthetics.

Periodontal disease and bone deterioration can have a serious impact on health and quality of life. Contemporary bone regeneration helps to get these conditions under control. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Vozna to learn more. The number for Dominion Street Dental in Alliston, ON is (705) 435-4124.