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Smile Makeovers

Dental makeovers in Alliston, ON enhance the smile

Have you noticed a celebrity’s seemingly perfect smile? Or maybe you have thought about how to improve the appearance of your own smile. Cosmetic dentistry is a great place to start! Dr. Oksana Vozna customizes smile makeovers to fit the needs of patients in the Alliston, ON area.

What you need to know about smile makeovers in Alliston, ON

There is no single definition for “smile makeover.” The term simply refers to a treatment plan of dental services intended to help your smile look better. It is very specific to:

  • What you would like to change about your smile
  • Unique smile characteristics that you want to preserve
  • Your tolerance for dental chair time and treatment
  • Your oral and overall health
  • How many appointments your schedule can accommodate
  • Your smile enhancement budget
  • The level of impact you want to achieve
  • Whether you would like to complete treatment as quickly as possible, or do it in phases over time

The most important part of a smile makeover is the initial consultation with Dr. Vozna. She takes as much time as necessary to understand your desires and explain treatment options. You are encouraged to bring pictures of smiles you like, and to look at before and after photographs of actual patients who have received various treatments. At Dominion Street Dental, you won’t feel pressured or pushed, but you will get the information you need to make good decisions.

Together you work out a strategy to get your smile where you want it to be, in a timeframe that suits your schedule.

Smile makeover options

Because professional ethics is paramount to Dr. Vozna, existing problems that present dental or health concerns are addressed first. This may mean incorporating restorative treatment such as repair of tooth decay or periodontal therapy into the initial stage of your smile makeover.

Once your mouth is healthy enough for cosmetic dentistry, the excitement begins. Dr. Vozna is experienced in a variety of cosmetic dental procedures, applying technical skill and natural artistry for beautiful outcomes. Your treatment plan may involve one of the services discussed in more detail below, or a carefully coordinated combination.

There are plenty of people with straight, evenly-spaced teeth and nice dental proportions. Yet dingy discoloration detracts from the appeal of their smiles. Professional teeth whitening with our in-office technique gives the smile an immediate boost. Schedule this treatment right after your regular teeth cleaning for optimal effectiveness. It only adds about 40 minutes to your appointment.

If you prefer to lighten tooth color gradually, Dr. Vozna may recommend an at-home whitening kit with custom-fit application trays and prescription strength bleaching gel. Wear the trays about an hour a day and watch your smile get progressively brighter. Periodic re-treatment keeps teeth sparkling.

For teeth with imperfections, composite bonding is an economical choice that often requires no numbing. A pliable material, in a shade that matches your natural dentition, is sculpted then hardened with a light-emitting device. Bonding hides deep discoloration, such as a tooth darkened by trauma or medication. Dr. Vozna also uses it to repair chips and cracks, strengthen teeth that have unusual wear, improve the shape or size of teeth, and close gaps. Bonding is a one-visit treatment, and on average, it takes an hour or less per treated tooth.

Dental veneers define many of the gorgeous smiles you see on television and in movies. Thin layers of strong, durable dental porcelain are securely bonded to the front surfaces of teeth. The material is shaded to match existing tooth color, or to brighten it as much as you like. While a single tooth may be veneered, usually the upper front four or more are treated. Porcelain veneers bring lovely uniformity to the smile by hiding minor misalignment and closing spaces between teeth. Enamel imperfections are masked with veneers, and this technique can be used to correct the visual symmetry of teeth that look too long or short, or have unusual shape. Veneers are generally completed in about two weeks, with just two visits needed. When properly designed and placed, veneers look very natural. The material resists stains, so with good oral hygiene and some common-sense precautions, veneers can last many years.

Few dental problems are more noticeable in the smile than gaps. Missing teeth also have a negative impact on oral health, communication, and enjoyment while dining. Dr. Vozna offers several tooth replacement options, including dental bridges and partial or full dentures. Tooth implants, however, have become very popular.

A dental implant replaces the root of a missing tooth. It is capped with a porcelain crown to restore function as well as natural appearance. Since the implant becomes part of your body, it can remain in place indefinitely, just like your own teeth.

Do you have old dental work that remains serviceable, but has darkened or become noticeable due to gum recession? Dental restoration materials have come a long way in the last two decades. Today, you have the choice of white fillings rather than silver-colored amalgam, and all-ceramic crowns as opposed to porcelain over a metal core. Whether to have restorations replaced is a personal decision, but Dr. Vozna will be happy to guide you with sound advice and helpful information.

What will your smile makeover cost?

Because each treatment plan is highly tailored to your desires, the cost of a smile makeover can vary greatly. Once you agree on a strategy, the dentist provides an estimate for services. At your request, adjustments can be made to the plan before treatment begins. Please be aware that most insurance programs do not cover cosmetic dentistry. However, the friendly administrative team at Dominion Street Dental is happy to assist with verifying possible coverage for any part of treatment, and will talk with you about payment options.

Dr. Vozna and her team want you to love your smile! Call Dominion Street Dental in Alliston, ON at (705) 435-4124 to schedule a smile makeover consultation.