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Dental Implants

Dentist in Alliston explains what to expect from the types of dental implants and techniques

The parts of the mouth are designed to work together as a unit. The loss of even a single tooth disrupts the natural balance, aesthetic, and function. The individual’s bite may change. The bone may deteriorate. Bacteria have new places to hide and cause damage. Dental implants are long-term solutions to replace missing teeth. Located in Alliston, Dr. Oksana Vozna and Dominion Street Dental explain the types of dental implants and techniques. Types of dental implants Our teeth have roots and crowns. The roots are not visible as they sit below the gumline. They stimulate the jawbone, anchor the tooth … Continue reading

Residents of Alliston inquire, “Why is replacing lost teeth so important”

At Dominion Street Dental in Alliston, we see patients with missing or lost teeth on a near daily basis. Some have lost the teeth years ago, and other times they were recently extracted in our office. While there are many different reasons that an individual may end up with lost teeth, the reasons why replacing lost teeth is important are all the same. Without permanent teeth, individuals will experience compromised oral health, a risk for other health conditions outside of the mouth, and a loss of confidence or self-esteem. There is good news: advanced dental technology allows us to offer … Continue reading