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Everything you need to know about dental crowns – a guide for patients in Alliston

A crown is a dental restoration that looks like a replica of a natural tooth, except it is hollow in the center. It is designed to fit over a tooth or implant, restoring functionality and the appearance of your smile. Dr. Oksana Vozna offers several types of dental crowns here at Dominion Street Dental in Alliston. If you are considering this treatment, you probably have some questions. Here is everything you need to know about our dental crowns. Can I get a crown to correct my unattractive tooth? A dental crown covers the entire visible part of the tooth, so … Continue reading

Patients in Alliston ask, “Why does your tooth need a dental crown and what is the purpose of a crown?”

No one plans to break or chip a tooth. When dental trauma occurs, you want it to be addressed effectively and efficiently. Losing, damaging, or chipping a tooth changes the appearance and function of your smile. You will need to visit a dentist for a dental restoration. Located in Alliston, Dr. Oksana Vozna and Dominion Street Dental offer advice, treatment, and answers the question, “why does your tooth need a dental crown?” and the team at Dominion Street Dental  offer crowns to address damaged teeth and to improve your smile. What are dental crowns? A crown is a protective, tooth-shaped … Continue reading